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Reliant Home Inspections continually strives to maintain our reputation for top-notch service and the most thorough, ethical & accurate home inspection services.

Standard Home Inspection

I’ll inspect the structure, systems, and components of your home, inside and out, from the foundation to the roof, using the latest tools and technology, including an interior infrared scan. Following my evaluation, I’ll compile my findings in an easy-to-read report, which will include detailed descriptions and high-resolution digital photos of any issues I’ve discovered.

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Sewer Scope Inspection

A sewer scope is a video inspection from inside the home’s mainline from the cleanout to the city sewer tap or septic tank. Using a specialized sewer camera allows us to see root intrusion, breaks, damages, or other hidden problems that can be very costly repairs.

Pool and Spa

While I am on-site performing your inspection, I can also check the condition of the pool or spa and its related components. I’ll check the equipment, electrical, decking, ladders, covers, safety access, and fencing.


This inspection can help you understand and plan for the demands of maintaining your home correctly. Some tasks are seasonal, and some items require more frequent attention. Let us help you start on the path of responsible homeownership by identifying any issues and educating you about what you should be doing to keep your home in top condition year-round.

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Indoor Mold Testing

Mold can be a hidden contaminant inside of your home that can cause continuing structural damage and health problems for some people. I sample a minimum of two indoor and one outdoor control samples and have them tested by a certified lab to check for elevated mold spores in your home.

Sprinkler and Irrigation

A sprinkler and irrigation inspection is an above-ground visual and functional inspection of your irrigation system. I will check for leaks, malfunctioning irrigation valves, sprinkler heads, coverage, and overall sprinkler operation.

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